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Client Testimonials

“They’re very kind very respectful and very truthful. I would totally and have referred them to friends and family.”

Heidi S.

“I highly recommend Glenn Stern Law Offices!

Stern is a great attorney and a true professional!

Stern successfully represented a friend of mine who was victimized(“allegedly”) by a City of Monrovia Police Sergeant. It was rumored the case was settled for a little under a half million dollars without even having to appear in front of a jury. Stern was amazing when it came to comforting and reassuring his client/the victim through the difficult process of the legal system.

I cannot recommend any other attorney in the area who is more hard-working, dedicated, tenacious, and caring than Glenn Stern.”

Michael S.

“Glenn Stern is a very caring, conscientious attorney who I have hired and who did exemplary work for me – the results I wanted but what is more important (and more within an attorney’s control) he attended to the matter promptly and kept in communication with me.

Sorry, but I find the other poster’s review to be ridiculous. People close their office for many reasons – maybe to move out of state, to tend to family business, etc. And of course at that time you do not pay the bar dues and instead go inactive.

I don’t respect reviews of steak restaurants from vegetarians, of dive bars from teetotalers, and of lawyers from random non-clients.”

Amy C.

“I have spent most of my adult life involved in some arena of Law. Over the last few years I have found myself in a position where I have need an attorney myself. I have utilized the services of Mr. Stern on 2 occasions now. I have found him the be one of the most Compassionate, Experienced and Professional Attorneys I have ever dealt with. His Staff all have the same attitudes that he has and really care about their clients. I have received better than expected outcomes on both of the cases where I have retained his services. His Knowledge and Expertise are unsurpassed. Thank you Glenn for all your efforts and your amazing abilities. You will forever have my business and my referrals.”

Anthony V.

“Glenn and his team are very nice and very sharp. I have worked with them many times with excellent results.”

Chris C.

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